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An effective website will do efficient work of bring in clients, that to with a website live chat service it is definite to fetch in audience. Raga designers help you in getting more website traffic and client deals.


Website Live Chat

Website live chat is a key feature of any website in this day and age. Customers and clients are always online and would reach out to online portals for any help or advice. Raga Designers company is based out of Anna Nagar, Chennai. Website live chat service works at the most affordable cost. Having a website live chat would result in increased customer connect and trust also adding to customer delight when they are being attended to the right when they need assistance without any waiting time. We stand in the top 10 place for the best website live chat company in India. We do website live chat services at the most affordable cost. We care and understand this very well and hence we develop the best website live chat for your company in line with its image.

Website Live Chat Feature

  Unlimited Chats and Free!

MyLiveChat gives you unlimited chats. Now, nothing can stop you from engaging with your customers and connect with them on a personal level.

 Sales & Support Chat

We have 24*7 support chat and sales facility to help our clients in solving the queries priority wise with monitoring, reporting and team chats.

  iOS and Android Chat App

Mobile Chat App allows you to engage with your website visitors while on-the-go, so you never miss a sales opportunity.

 File Exchange

Now it is made easy to exchange images and other files for agents and visitors. This ensures that it is almost like a social media channel.


MyLiveChat will not impact your website's initial-load performance thanks to Asynchronous Loading.

 Proactive Chats

Welcome your visitors with automated personalized greetings based on location, URL and more.

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Connect with your customers

Give your brand a voice and build meaningful relationships by talking to customers over live chat.

Increase your sales

Increase the chances of high value engagement and more sales by using proactive chat to automatically reach out to customers.

Provide personalized service

Your customers aren't clones. Use advanced analytics and visitor targeting to create a unique experience for each visitor.

  Unlimited chats

 Use on 1 website

 Unlimited chat history (transcripts)

  Advanced widget customization


  File transfer (images, documents, etc.)

  Security roles (admin, power users and operators)

 Chat alerts

  Pre-Chat Info Form

  Chat Notifications, Including Push to Mobile

 Show Your Message Feed

 Show Your Location

  Highly Customizable

  All customer data remains on your server

Why Choose Raga Designers for Your Website Live Chat ?

Raga Designs always keeps you first and strives to create websites that become a valuable asset to your company in driving business and profitability. We provide best quality services and we are stand high for our timely service delivery. We are dedicated to providing best website live chat services. We stand in the top 10 place for the best website live chat service company in India. When you choose us for your website live chat and you are also choosing delightful experience, excellent output, long-lasting relationship and value for money every time. Raga Designers is the best website live chat in Chennai, India. We do website live chat service at the most affordable cost.


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